Stacy and Nolan

This was a beautiful wedding near Enumclaw towards Mt. Ranier, and while the calender said “spring” the bride had fall on her mind!

Apparantly it was intended to be a fall wedding, but as life sometimes doesn’t work out the way we plan, let’s just say she made lemonade. Who cares that it’s April when you have such gorgeous flowers? Hand-tied with two different golden-hued sheer ribbons, bouquets featured bi-color red/yellow alstromeria, dark red mums, and orange roses, along with hypericum berries, bupleurum and beargrass for a loose look.

Her amazing bouquet featured black baccara roses, naranja roses, beargrass, bupleurum, alstromeria, mums, and crimson hypericum berries…and I probably left something out… 😉

As you can see, the fall leaves are in place as the bouquets are beautifully displayed post-ceremony alongside the amazing square cake!


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