Stacia and Karl

Have to start out with this pic. I just love it and it looks like a trendy New York magazine cover. I think so anyways. Photos by Benj Haisch.

These are great friends of ours and I was blessed to be able to do the flowers AS WELL as coordinate and plan a majority of the details! This was the closest thing to being “the wedding planner” and I loved it – although my feet did not by the end of the night.

Stacia’s bouquet was AMAZING!!!!!!!! It included: white hydrangea, pink “candy bianca” roses and white “escimo” roses as well as light pink spray roses and alstromeria. I loved also how it was slightly teardrop shaped.

This wedding was such a stylish yet classic wedding, and the pink and white theme was lush! Don’t forget to click on the photos to see them in their best detail. (Benj Haisch, amazing photographer!)

Ok ladies, as much as you looovvvee pink , I always recommend working white in there somewhere. Your man may be stylish but no guy really wants to wear a pink flower. Go with the white, like Stacia did.

Yes, that is a beer box. I am very meticulous about how professional my delivery methods look.  That’s why I charge the big bucks. (By the way, that was a borrowed box.  If it was our beer box it would be a microbrew and organic.)

Bridesmaids had bouquets with medium pink roses, light pink alstromeria and lisianthus. No greenery here! (Not even beargrass, can you believe it? Don’t worry, the boutonnieres had beargrass.)

This picture is here mainly because these are my two oldest boys and it’s cute. See their cute little mini pink spray rose boutonnieres? Also have it to show you a slightly different version of my tulle and greenery swagging that I like to do with weddings that have pews.

Instead of putting the tulle behind the greenery (which was variegated and standard ivy mixed with a little plumosus and ruscus), I veiled it by wrapping it in front, a very different look. You can still see everything but it softens and romanticizes it, kind of like photos that have a soft focus around the edge. (See my boys getting the thumb’s up from the best man in the background?)

PLEASE click on these photos so you can see the detail. This is a great example of a classic yet modern approach to framing a huge space without going crazy with huge arrangements and pillars and fabric.  You can see the satiny fabric folded and wrapped perfectly around the vase stands – the arrangements make a nice framing for the ceremony. You’ll see them alot in many of my weddings, for obvious reasons. They’re not too big, they look great, you can easily move them to the reception and I own the stuff, so you only pay for the flowers.

You may see it better in the top shot, but the stage is bordered with glass cylinder vases of varying heights (in a pattern of course), and they are filled with rock salt and hold a glass votive inside. Then, I took ivy and swirled int around and between them and finished it with the veiled tulle look. It was magical.

The centerpieces were a mix of these awesome candelabras and simple floral centerpieces of pink roses and alstromeria with ruscus, plumosus and seeded eucalyptus.  The reserved family tables on the stage had the bridesmaids’ bouquets, another double usage.

The candy buffet looked great and everything was pink and white, continuing the color theme. The guests found cellophane bags with cute tags at their tables and were welcomed to take some treats home as a favor. I think a lot of candy was consumed on the premises, especially those white grapefruit slices!

The cake looked fabulous of course! Stacia gave the ribbon we picked out to the bakery and it was wrapped and ready for me to add the final touches. White hydrangea surrounded the bottom layer and crowned the top. There were a few  more blooms of the hydrangea, then pink alstromeria and the pink spray roses.

The toss bouquet looked great too, the perfect final touch partnered up with the cake. I usually recommend that people place the toss bouquet next to the cake for additional color and design style – plus the bouquet toss usually comes shortly after the cake cutting so it is convenient to have it ready to go.

A few more detail shots of the cake.

Sorry, I just love it.

And one final shot of the bride and groom.

We love you guys!


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