Lindsey and Mike

Finally we can take a break from the purple to reminisce about the days of aqua blue…I love that color for bridesmaids’ dresses! Lindsey and Mike were married back in August of 2009, and the flowers were gorgeous!

One of my favorite flowers is stephanotis, small, white, star-shaped and fragrant…perfect for weddings! Although it has sort of tapered off in popularity lately but is always a great choice for bouquets. It’s versatile since it’s white, and I love to put different colored pins or jewels in the centers.

Lindsey’s bouquet (and the bridesmaid’s bouquets) featured white roses, alstromeria, mini-green hydrangea, white mums, stephanotis, variegated pittosporum and beargrass.

The groom wore a bright white suit and tie with and aqua-colored shirt, tying everything together.

Had to highlight a picture with my old friend Kim who gave Lindsey the referral – thanks again, Kim!

(Plus, she looks so darn cute in that dress!)

This shot is a little grassy, but it shows those cool aqua pins in the stephanotis. I also put pins in some of the white mums to add more color and pizazz. (Can I still say pizazz? Does that make me old?)

Of course, the grand finale is the cake. Yes, I love putting flowers on cakes. It is my favorite thing to do next to making the bouquets.

Please click on these shots to see them in their full grandeur!

Thanks to Lindsey for emailing me these photos almost 2 years after the fact so that I could include them in the blog!

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