About Our Business

From 1999-2015…

It all started way back in high school, when I had the opportunity to take retail floral design as an elective course my junior year. From there I grew in skill and passion for flowers, forgoing my university dreams and starting my own event design business in 2001.  At first my business name was “Simply Divine Floral Design” until 2005 when I changed the name to “Bloom – Weddings and Events” and adopted a new logo.  When I finally had the opportunity for my work to be published in a high-profile blog, I realized my business name was causing a problem as the “Bloom” part is very common for florists. In 2014 we changed the name for what we hope is the last time: we are now Mae Flower Co. (Mae stands for Matt and Amy Eller). For nearly 15 years I have arranged flowers for more than 60 events and weddings, including my own.

Amy Fallstrom becomes Amy Eller – 8/23/2003!


3 responses to “About Our Business

  • Vee Sychanthong

    Hi Amy!,

    I was looking at the pictures from the workshop you did with sarah fuccillo, i have to say that the bouquet caught my eye! I actually went to meet with a florist today when sarah called me and told me about you! We’d like to meet with you if you are available, We’re getting married sept 10th at the pioneer pavilion:) hope to hear back from you soon.
    kind regards,
    vee and daniel

  • Amber Mars

    Hi Amy,
    I am friends with Sarah Fuccillo and follow her photography blog. I just got engaged and absolutely fell in love with the floral work you did for her photography workshop. My fiance and I will not be getting married until June 2012 but it’s never too early to find a great florist! I would love to hear more about your work and pricing. Sarah highly recommended you!
    Thanks, Amber Mars

  • Laura

    Hi Amy!
    I was wondering if you are still in the floral business? You worked with my best friend (Amber Mars) for her wedding and I loved your floral work! I would love more information about your pricing and availability if you are still working as a florist! Thank you so much!

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